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Pilgrim Christian Church is a Loving congregation that gathers just off the Square in Chardon, Ohio. Whoever you are, wherever you are on Life's journey, you are welcome here!


Loar’s Log

I have had requests for a copy of the commission or charge I do at the end of the service. Here it is.

Grace and peace,

Go forth into the world in peace and be of good courage
Hold fast to that which is good
Render to no person evil for evil
Strengthen the faint hearted
Support the weak
Help the afflicted
Honor all people
Love and serve God rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Loar’s Log

First off, I want to congratulate you as a congregation and Rev. Greening for what I hear was a wonderful weekend culminating in your decision to extend a call to him to be your pastor. I look forward in the coming years to hear about the life of this church as you are shaped by and grow in the Spirit of God.

Second of all, my last Sunday will be February 24. As much as I won’t miss the long drives here and back, I do not look forward to that last Sunday with you. I have loved sharing my time with you as your interim minister. Martha and I have appreciated the friendships and relationships we have developed with you. We all knew from the start that the time would be relatively short, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that at least for our part, we have become attached to you. 

And last of all, I will begin another interim at Ridge Road UCC in Parma. They too have been forced to transition from a full time pastor to a part time due to dwindling membership, less funding and a large building to maintain. Their pastor left in 2015 and they have had some ups and downs with interim pastors since then. I have agreed to serve them for two years. We will use that time to help sort out their future. The drive is “only” 1/2 hour from my house. I preached a “trial sermon” for them last Sunday, and things went well just as they did for you with Rev. Greening.

This is my first time as an interim pastor so this is a strange time for me. You all are clearly excited and anticipating the arrival of Sam in the next few months. It is what I have attempted to facilitate in the role of interim. It doesn’t mean the parting is any easier. 

Grace and peace,



Loar’s Log

You are by now aware of the scheduled trial sermon for the Rev. Sam Greening on Sunday, January 27th.  I have met Rev. Greening for a short time when he visited here about a month ago to meet with the Search Committee. I encourage all of you to avail yourself of the opportunity to meet him at the potluck supper on Saturday the 26th and to be present for the worship service and congregational meeting to vote to extend a call to him as your pastor after the service.

I had indicated to you church leadership in recent months how I have greatly appreciated serving as your interim transitional pastor, but that the commute was taking its toll on my energy level. It takes me a little over an hour each way on a regular way, but weather, accidents and construction on I-271 often extend that drive on my way home. So we agreed that I would end my interim ministry among you the end of February.

I am looking forward over the next two months to continuing to experience the shared ministry we have been on since the end of November 2017.

Grace and peace,
David Loar


Loar’s Log

One of my favorite hymns is an Epiphany Carol “O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright.” I first heard it years ago in attending the outdoor drama “Trumpet in the Land” down in New Philadelphia about the Moravians who came from eastern Pennsylvania to settle in the area and develop a mission with Native Americans during the Revolutionary War. This led to the settlement of Gnadenhutten. You can visit the restored village today. 

The Moravians developed an ongoing relationship with the Delaware tribe. This led to a community of amazing peace, love and joy in the midst of war and violence all around them. Sadly, they became victimized by the racism of the other white settlers and quite honestly the fear others had of the reality of the Gospel.

In the play when I saw it back in the early 1980’s as the Moravians traveled to this area, they sang this hymn “O Morning Star.” We will sing it on January 13th. I encourage you to look up the history of Gnadenhutten on Google. We have much to learn from our ancestors.

Grace and peace,
David Loar, Interim Pastor


Loar’s Log    

By the next time I write this column much will have happened:
- Children’s Christmas Pageant, Sunday, Dec 23 in the 10 am worship service
- Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, Monday, Dec 24, 7 pm
- I will be on vacation from the 25th to the 31st
- Sunday, Dec 30 worship service will be carol singing accompanied by the Pilgrim Brass, 10 am
- New Year

The season of Christmas will go through 12th Night on Dec 5 and on Sun, Dec 6 we will celebrate Epiphany and the arrival of the Magi at the nativity.

We welcomed this past Sunday Carolyn Morrow and Danielle & Travis Queen as new members.

I wish for you a Christmas with hope, peace, and joy. Celebrate the birth and the coming again of our Savior.

Grace and peace,
David Loar, Interim Pastor