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Pilgrim Christian Church is a Loving congregation that gathers just off the Square in Chardon, Ohio. Whoever you are, wherever you are on Life's journey, you are welcome here!

Connections: Transition - One Final Sunday

As I have been preparing for this final Sunday, I have been flooded with memories of joyful service. I remember welcoming the trick-or-treaters on the steps of the sanctuary. I remember painting the education rooms upstairs on a hot summer day. I remember serving coffee to the people waiting patiently in line for pancakes and sausage. I remember consuming coffee - so much coffee - with you at Beans. I remember the clambakes where I would see members of the church for that one time of the year! And I remember children’s sermons. I remember blessing prayer shawls to send to brothers and sisters in Charleston. I remember blessing hospitality kits for families who have found refuge in the suburbs of Columbus. And I remember baptisms and dedications. I remember weddings. I remember hospital visitations. And I remember funerals. I remember genuine conversations and honest silence. I remember frustration and anger and pain. I remember opening the doors wider. I remember shining the light brighter. I remember laughter, and sorrow, truth, and Grace. 

I remember you. I remember this ministry of Church and welcoming the Spirit into all of this. 

This Sunday - my last - I want to offer a word of gratitude for all of this, a narrative that may describe our nearly six years together, and a word of encouragement as your life and the life of Pilgrim Christian Church continue to bless this community and the world. 

I will go forward having been blessed - greatly, deeply - by our life and ministry together. 
Thank you. 

As always, God’s Grace and Peace be with you. 

Rev. Chris McCreight


Children's Ministry

Volunteers are needed to help in the nursery and help in the classrooms.  We also need a few teachers who are available to teach as well as substitute in the classes. Over the next few weeks, I'll be asking parents and members of the congregation to help.

Blessings, Vickie
440-285-3236   440-488-6745

Process Update: 

The leadership has shared the congregational profile with Rev. John Richardson of the Disciples Ohio Region. There has also been a call placed to Rev. Gary Halstead (the Associate Minister of the Western Reserve/Eastern Ohio Association in the UCC). The leadership will soon receive a list of profiles (resumes) from candidates for interim ministry. We ask for your continued prayers and presence in this process - that we may continue to be the church, loving our neighbors, growing in faith, and trusting in the goodness of God. If you have any questions, please communicate with Paul Hederstrom, Ginger Hannon, or Mary Wick. 


The date of the walk is Sunday, September 24 after worship, and it takes place at the Burton Fair Grounds in Burton. It is a time to share our gifts that others may have food in their bellies. It is a time to walk as a way of entering into solidarity with those who walk miles each day for water and food. When hunger is often satisfied by walking a few steps to the fridge, this is a powerful act in our lives. Save the date and stay tuned for ways you can participate in this mission.  Lauren Baskin is leading our team this year and is available for questions downstairs in Fellowship Hall following Sunday worship or can be reached at 440-321-9392.  Our goal is to raise $1,500 this year.  


Book Study:  The Case for Christ
Hello all!  The votes were close, but the first book we will read is….. The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus by Lee Strobel

If you can please go ahead and order a copy on Amazon the traditional paperback is $11.55, the Mass Market Paperback is $5.39 and the Kindle version is $9.99.  They are all in stock as of today and for those of you with Amazon Prime, they are all included as Prime so no shipping!  

Once we complete this book we can discuss our next books together as a group instead of trying to negotiate through e-mail!

Please come to the meeting with an open mind and some thoughtful questions and comments!  We look forward to seeing you October 4th, at 6:30 in the parlor.  All are invited!

Find out how the UCC is helping our brothers, sisters, and neighbors, and find out how you can help. 


Notes from Chautauqua: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and “Cultural Climate Change.” 

How should the religious community engage with the world? This is the primary question for Rabbi Sacks’ lecture at Chautauqua, where he first shared his thoughts on “Cultural Climate Change.” One option is to seek domination - to try and gain power and use that power to coerce everyone else to abide by your religious law. One option is the "Benedict Option” - to step away from society and form a cloistered community of faith apart from the rest of the world. And the third option… to live faithfully and engage with the world - to inspire. Rabbi Sacks is a remarkable teacher with an exceptional wisdom. If you enjoy this summation, consider the full lecture here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GC_xLuKl5Q&feature=youtu.be


Rev. Chris


Save the Date!

Membership Committee will be hosting a community pasta dinner on Saturday, October 14 from 5 - 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  This is a community event.  All are invited!  

The cost will be $10 for adults and $5 for children age 12 and under.  Advance sale tickets will available at $9 for adults.  Information about the destination of donation will be determined and published soon.

The new PCC photo directory is available.  You can
pick up your family’s copy in the fellowship hall
after the service.
If you would like to receive an electronic copy,
please send an email to Ginger Hannon at g.hannon@roadrunner.com.


Men’s Fellowship

Men’s Fellowship is the collective name for the men in the church.  Men’s Fellowship sponsors the annual Pancake Breakfast for the community and a clam bake in the fall for Men’s Fellowship members.  All men are welcome to participate in Men’s Fellowship.

Women’s Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship is a collective term for all women of the church.  

Friendship Guild

Friendship Guild is a group of women who meet monthly for fellowship, fun, and service. Friendship Guild’s services include providing funeral luncheons, providing refreshments for Fellowship Hour, and other services for the church and its members.  All women are welcome to participate in Friendship Guild.  Meeting dates and times are included in weekly bulletins, the weekly e-letter, and the monthly edition of The Visitor.