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February 2, 2017

Connections: Homework of Hospitality

The scriptural imperative is to welcome. The human temptation is to decline this invitation to hospitality. Whether the temptation emerges out of fear of the other, a fear of scarcity, or a fear of security, the human result is often a retreat into the self. This is no different when it comes to the perspective of nations. As I said on Sunday, there is an executive power we do not possess. But, there is a holy power that we do - hospitality. 

I want to encourage you, once again, to invite someone over to your home. Invite someone over for coffee or tea; for lunch; for a glass of wine. Sit together. Serve the other. Speak and listen to one another. Inviting someone over is a divine practice, and one that leads us out of those fears and temptations, and into grace and compassion. If we desire to help usher in this beloved community, we must care for one another. To do this well, we must actually know one another. 

Your homework. My homework. Our homework is hospitality. 



Children's Ministry

Welcome to our new board members, Alison Rolf and Kristin Yeomans.
Thanks to Heather Penrod for signing up for another term.

I'd also like to thank Cindy Hopkins for her many years with the
Christian Education board.  Cindy did a wonderful job and will be
missed.  Thanks, Cindy!

Blessings, Vickie   440-285-3236   440-488-6745   kaiser5204@gmail.com

"Souper Bowl”

The Mission Team has set up a table in the fellowship hall to receive canned soup donations for the food pantry. If you CAN (get it?!?), please pick up some canned soups and bring them in this week (receiving through Sunday) and place them on the table near the team of your choice. I know that the choices are between the lesser of two evils for Cleveland fans (the only way it could be worse would be if Baltimore was playing too). But the purpose is ultimately very good - ensuring that our brothers and sisters in Geauga County are fed well. 


Cousin’s Supper Club

Due to the weather last week, we decided to reschedule Cousin’s Supper Club to Monday, February 6 @ 6:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. 


Consistory Retreat

For information and planning purposes, the annual Consistory Retreat is planned for Saturday, February 11th at the church in the sanctuary from 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM.  Evaluation of the past year and plans for 2017, as well as long term, will be addressed.  All officers of the church are encouraged to attend as well as interested congregation members who would like to learn more about the inner workings of the church bureaucracy and even offer their input.


Chi-Rho next Sunday

The youth group had a fantastic time playing “human battleship” this past Sunday. Chi-Rho gathers again on the 12th of February! 


Friendship Guild
The Friendship Guild will be meeting on February 13th at 7:00 PM in the Parlor.  All women are welcome.


The Membership Committee is working on updating our directory.
Our new directory will also include the opportunity for everyone
to include a photo (at no charge!) to help everyone get acquainted more easily.
We are calling all members and friends to confirm their contact
information and to inquire about photo preference, etc.  We also
want to hear your comments and feedback.  
Please expect a call from a member of the committee soon.  If you have any questions
prior to getting your call, you are welcome to contact Barb Inderlied,
Pat Martin, Lauren Baskin, Lynn or Jeanne Felberg, Mazie Smith, or
Ginger Hannon.