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January 5, 2017

Connections: Spirit & Matter; Matter & Spirit

The incarnation is the great reaffirmation of Spirit in Matter and Matter in Spirit. God dwells in flesh, and flesh is filled with God. Christ's ministry reveals this too as healing, justice, and peace are always of the body and the soul. 

The possessed soul is exorcised and the boy who was cast out of the community is welcomed back. Justice is not just about having enough bread to eat for this day, but it is also about having meaning and joy in life. Peace is with God and with one another. Spirit and Matter are one with God. 

The kings of economics, technology, and politics always seem to insist that what matters is only material (job/money, status, or stuff - meaning doesn't matter). The kings of the church have widely insisted that everything is all spiritual (give me Jesus, forget about Justice). What would happen if we saw the world as one where Spirit dwells in Matter and Matter is filled with Spirit? 

I think the answer is something beautiful. 

To see this truth and to abide by the revelation of incarnation; 

I believe this is the work of faith and the process of discipleship... 

I believe this is the work of the Church. 

I believe this is what the world is starving for. 

Let's be the people who are led by Christ to see Spirit in Matter and Matter in Spirit, 

Let's be the people who are led by Christ to bring healing and grace to the world by bringing matter to spirit, and spirit to matter. 




Children's Ministry

Christian Education is leaving our Christmas tree up for the month of

January.  It will become our HUGSS (hats, underwear, gloves, socks,

scarves) tree as a co-project between Missions and Christian Ed.  The

items collected will be donated to Job and Family Services in

February.  Please watch for sales and make a donation to our tree!


Just a reminder that "dinner and a movie night" will be rescheduled

soon, maybe in February to coincide with Valentine's Day (if the

weather cooperates).  Watch this space for more info.


Barb Inderlied is teaching this month's Sunday School unit on Moses

with the help of Catherine Condon.  We're still looking for helpers

for the rest of the Sunday School year.


Blessings, Vickie    440-285-3236   440-488-6745   kaiser5204@gmail.com


Bible Study: Revelation

The Wednesday afternoon Bible study has begun the study of the book of Revelation. We began by discussing the theology that we carry with us each day, and then discussing the theology that is apparent in the conventional interpretation of Revelation. And there, we saw some contrast. So this is the first wrestling endeavor is to carry what we understand about God into a reading of scripture that would seem to reveal a radically different image of God. You're welcome to join us - Wednesdays at 1:00pm. 


Scriptura: The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World

The book and Bible study, Scriptura, is incubating now. I am considering leading the study of Bishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama's new work, The Book of Joy. This study may be paired with a time of fellowship and dinner to discuss the daily practices that may lead us to discover Joy. If you are interested, please look at the trailer for the book and contact Cheryl or Chris to reserve a book. 



Stewardship Pledges

The Pony Express Campaign has concluded and the stewardship campaign was a success. However,two ponies got lost in the process! (8 out of 10 ain't bad) So, if you did not receive the Stewardship Materials and would like to receive them, please contact the office and a hard copy will be prepared for you. And, if you happen to find a copy of the pony express materials in your kitchen, please see that it gets back to the church office. 

Thank you. 



Chi-Rho (the youth group for 4-8th graders) is gathering this Sunday after worship, from 11:30-1:00pm, for lunch, games, and study. 


Unhanging of the Greens: 

It is time to remove the wreaths and banners and tree, wrap them up, and store them away for next year. If you would like to get together and help in the "unhanging of the greens" and prepare the sanctuary for Ordinary Time. A gathering can assemble Thursday, January 12 from 5:30-6:30pm. We can order some pizzas too! 



All boards and committees need to have reports to the office by January 15th.

An invitation is extended to all members of the Congregation to the January 22 meeting in the Fellowship Hall as the Annual Reports are presented from various boards and committees.  In addition, a final Stewardship report will be presented followed by the prospective 2017 Budget which will be voted upon for approval.


Friendship Guild Retreat

Friendship Guild will meet for its annual retreat on Saturday, January 28, 2017, beginning at 1 pm, at the home of Barbara Inderlied.  This meeting is open to all women.  Attendees are asked to bring an appetizer or dessert.


Consistory Retreat

For information and planning purposes, the annual Consistory Retreat is planned for Saturday, February 11th at the church.  Evaluation of the past year and plans for 2017, as well as long term, will be addressed.  All officers of the church are encouraged to attend as well as interested congregation members who would like to learn more about the inner workings of the church bureaucracy and even offer their input.