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September 22, 2016


Pain, suffering, and transforming it through engagement rather than denial. Is that something to take from the image and symbol of the cross? Is this transformation of pain the way that God continues to heal and save the world? Is this how we participate in God’s mending and transformation of our world? Is this how we become peacemakers? 

This week, I was listening to an On Being episode with Ruby Sales (link below), who spoke of her engagement in civil rights as one that sought to recognize and address the pain in our society. During the movement, she would ask the question, “Where does it hurt?” I can imagine the questions unfolding: Where does it hurt when you are denied your human dignity? Where does it hurt when your privilege is challenged? Loss hurts. 

How much anger, fear, and despair are caused by pain that is not engaged, but pain that is denied - pain that is ultimately transmitted? How much of our political “discourse” is birthed out of pain? Pain from not being heard; pain from experiencing loss; pain from a lack of meaning. I think this pain manifests itself in scapegoating and clinging to ideas of power and superiority. This, for the time being, eases the pain. But it will not heal it. It will not transform it. 

Christ teaches us another way. Engage the pain that emerges in our life when we are greeted with loss. Meet it and there in that meeting, God will meet us. This is the truth of Paul's words that there in the cross - in the meeting of pain - there "is the power of God." 

May we have the courage and grace to meet our pain, and there find the power of God in that meeting, that may transform our pain - that the pain of loss may become something good in our world. 






Thanks to the anonymous donor who dropped off three beanbag chairs.

The youth group had asked for more beanbag chairs, and they'll also be

used for the reading station during Sunday School.


Parents - We are beginning a new year and want to teach the children

that they can make a difference in our church family and our world.

We are going to take offering during our opening during Sunday School.

Don't be surprised if your child ask to help around the house in order

to earn change for Sunday School.  We'll use the donated cash for the

Heifer Project, our Christmas families, and other service projects

during the year.


NEEDS:  We are looking for a gently used play house for the nurseryand

paint shirts,  Contact me or the office if you'd like to donate any of

these items.

Looking ahead:  Oct. 2  - begin Noah unit in Sunday School

                       Oct. 9  - youth group meeting after church

                       Oct. 21 - movie night

                       Oct. 21 - youth group meeting after church

Blessings, Vickie   440-285-3236   440-488-6745  kaiser5204@gmail.com



This Sunday, Chi-Rho will have two sessions! The first session is 11:30am-1:00pm will be lunch and games at the church - upstairs in the youth room. The second session is 1:00-3-ish. We'll gather at the church at 1pm and depart to Burton Fairgrounds for the CROP Walk. The walk begins at 1:45pm and we should conclude the 5-mile walk by 3. We will return to the church after the walk. 




On Sunday, September 25th there will not be available parking on the square due to event on the Square.  Parking in front of church will be open.



This Sunday, September 25th, the CROP Walk will begin at 1:30 with registration at the Burton Fairgrounds. You still have an opportunity to register to walk in solidarity with our neighbors who walk miles each day for food and water. You still have an opportunity to give to Church World Service to make an impact for our neighbors in Geauga County and in our world - you can donate through Sunday. It is a gift to partner with CWS and other congregations in Geauga County to stock pantries and provide crops and livestock in the world. 

You can also donate here:   https://www.crophungerwalk.org/burtonoh



From September 26 to Monday, October 3 @ 7:00pm



We have concluded our summer study through the Apocrypha - The Gospels of Thomas and Mary; The Infancy Gospel of Thomas; I, II, III, and IV Maccabees. It was quite a journey!!! Reading through these texts and gospels allowed us to endeavor outside of the Protestant Canon to consider a bigger question, What Makes "Scripture," "Scripture"? Is it because the Council of Carthage decreed it so? Because the Reformation deemed some unfit? Because some of the publishers of the King James Version thought it cumbersome to include the apocrypha? 

Beginning Wednesday, October 5th, we'll begin a new series in our evening bible study - "Power and the Parables." Utilizing Bernard Brandon Scott's Re-Imagine the World, we will move through the parables of Jesus and consider what they have to offer to us about the image of God, the Kingdom of God, and life itself. It is a perspective-changing book and one that will offer a poignant word to us in this time of campaigns and all-things-policiized. I hope you'll join us for Scriptura, Wednesday evenings from 6pm-7:30pm beginning October 5th.  




Men's Fellowship will be hosting their Annual Clambake on October 9th at the home of Bob Painter.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Butch Penrod or Terry Calabrese.

$20 - Clambake

Add - ons

$8 - Steak

$5 - Extra Clams


Hebrew Bible Scholar and Theologian, Walter Brueggemann, in Cleveland! 

Avon Lake UCC is hosting the First Annual Westside UCC Theological Forum, and Walter Brueggemann is the theologian this inaugural year. You will recognize the name as he is my “go to” on all things of the Hebrew Bible. I had the chance to listen to him at the Festival of Homiletics in Denver last summer and he was amazing. Brueggemann will speak on Saturday, October 8 at 8:45am. His presentation is entitled, “Follow the Money.” He will then preach the following day at Avon Lake UCC at 9 and 11 (yes, you should go!). Then, Monday, he is giving a presentation for clergy entitled, “Hutzpah and Kitsch.” Hmm… 

Tickets are $35 for Saturday and worship is, of course, free of charge. The link to purchase tickets is below. If you are going, please let the church office know and we may be able to figure out carpooling. 





2nd Annual 5k race, kids run and adult walk.  All proceeds benefit local and international work of Word Made Flesh.  More information and link to registration:


Thanksgiving Day

November 24

on the Square in Chardon