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Pilgrim Christian Church is a Loving congregation that gathers just off the Square in Chardon, Ohio. Whoever you are, wherever you are on Life's journey, you are welcome here!

August 25, 2016


Middle school is an awkward time. Hormones. Fashion. Friends. Popularity. Emotions. All thrown together - hopefully with some grace. It’s a time when young adults are becoming… and when standing out for the wrong reasons can come at a huge social cost. I am grateful to the Mission Team for providing us this opportunity to help supply our Chardon Schools with particular items that can help add a little grace into the life of a student: shoes, socks, tampons, and pads. These are the things we don’t do a lot of thinking about - until we desperately need them. If you are heading out to the store this week, please consider picking up one of the listed items to offer a little help to some of our fantastic young adults. 





Anyone interested in helping to clean the Sunday school rooms, please

let me know when you're available.  We'll probably schedule one

weekday and one Saturday for cleaning.

Many thanks to Ginger Hannon for her generous donation of a toy cash

register for the nursery.  I know the children will enjoy playing with


NEEDS:  We are looking for a play house for the nursery, paint shirts,

and bean bag chairs.  If you'd like to donate any of these items,

please contact me or the office.


Looking ahead:  Aug. 28th - volunteers needed for both the nursery and 4/5s

                       Sept. 11th - Rally Sunday & youth group

meeting after church


Blessings, Vickie   440-285-3236   440-488-6745  kaiser5204@gmail.com




We are trying to update our directory.  The new directory will be placed in the Fellowship Hall for updates through Labor Day.  Please take a moment to review and correct information.  If you are not listed and would like to be added please add your name. If you are unable to review the directory please email the office with your information so that we may verify if it is correct.  

Cheryl Hederstrom



Compassion in Action

The Mission Team has provided us with the opportunity to supply the Chardon School District nurses with items that can aid our children during the school day. Underwear, Socks, Tampons, and Pads can be donated throughout the month of August. Items can be donated in the church office Monday-Friday, 9-2am or can be collected Sunday morning during worship by adding it to the basket utilized for collecting items for the Food Pantry.



This evening (Thursday, August 24) at 6:30, friends will gather in the Fellowship Hall of the church to create origami Peace Cranes to reach our goal of 1,000. If you are not comfortable with the idea of folding, there will also be opportunities to engage by threading cranes together and sharing in fellowship. The work of this is an effort of Peace - as the work to fold and shape is much like a form of prayer. It is an opportunity to pray for peace in the world, peace in our cities and schools, peace in far-away-places, and peace in our hearts - where it all begins. These cranes will make themselves visible within our church, and there are plans to bless them during worship on September 11, 2016, as we join together in prayer and work for Peace. 



Save the Date as the Geauga Crop Walk will take place at the fairgrounds on Sunday, September 26. Beginning in September, you’ll find opportunities to get involved with the walk and fundraising for Church World Service. As a reminder, 75% of collected funds are distributed throughout the world to provide food and resources to combat hunger; 25% of collected funds will stay in Geauga County to support the Geauga Hunger Task Force. 


Prayers of the People

Let us be in prayer for: 

Stephanie Gingrich, who had a successful surgery yesterday. She is the niece of Terry Boggs. 

Family and Friends of Lucas Sniderman. Lucas passed away this last week. He was Ann Doersam’s Daughter’s Nephew. 

Georgi Alexander, who is home after several stays in the hospital. 

Lois Wheeler, who will be having surgery on her foot next Thursday, September 1.


How Do I Thank You, Lord?

Gene Burkhammer


How do I thank you , Lord?  How do I thank You, Lord

for the life that I live, for the gifts that You give,

for the love that You share with me?



We all have troubles to face, mistakes that we make.

Some have more, others less, than me.

With Life's choices ahead, negative baggage to shed,

With You close, You'll make the most of me.  You will see.


Why do You care, my Lord?  When I'm in despair, oh Lord

You are there when I pray, fill my heart with Your grace, 

Make me whole, heal my soul all ways?



We all have troubles to face, mistakes that we make.

Some have more, others less, than me.

With Life's choices ahead, negative baggage to shed,

With You close, You'll make the most of me.  You will see.


The end of life, my Lord, is what we all fear, my Lord,

Give us hope as we pray.  Let our faith show the way.

Heaven's door opens wide for that day.


Hebrew Bible Scholar and Theologian, Walter Brueggemann, in Cleveland! 

Avon Lake UCC is hosting the First Annual Westside UCC Theological Forum, and Walter Brueggemann is the theologian this inaugural year. You will recognize the name as he is my “go to” on all things of the Hebrew Bible. I had the chance to listen to him at the Festival of Homiletics in Denver last summer and he was amazing. Brueggemann will speak on Saturday, October 8 at 8:45am. His presentation is entitled, “Follow the Money.” He will then preach the following day at Avon Lake UCC at 9 and 11 (yes, you should go!). Then, Monday, he is giving a presentation for clergy entitled, “Hutzpah and Kitsch.” Hmm… 

Tickets are $35 for Saturday and worship is, of course, free of charge. The link to purchase tickets is below. If you are going, please let the church office know and we may be able to figure out carpooling.