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November 10, 2016

Connections: Truth and Reconciliation

“Where does it hurt?” 

This is the question Ruby Sales offered to others during the Civil Rights movement. 

It allowed whites who saw increased rights to blacks as an eroding of their own to speak and be heard. 

It allowed blacks who saw dehumanization within Jim Crow to name it and be heard. 

It allowed the respondent to name the source of their anger and fear - and the listener to hear.

“Where does it hurt?” 

I think that this question is filled with power for our country today.

Ruby Sales noted that President-Elect Trump spoke to the pain in the white community. 

Hillary Clinton spoke to the pain of minorities who have been “Otherized” and to the white community who empathized with them. 

Unfortunately, neither candidate adequately spoke to the pain of the entire nation - just parts and pieces. 

Because of this, we have missed so many beautiful opportunities to name our pain together, and to see how our pain relates to and touches the pain of others - others who we believe are so radically different from us. To do so would allow us to see our common humanity, common pain, and common grief - there, we may discover that common hope and that common good. 

While it strikes me as nearly a toxic assumption that we would come together after such an ugly campaign filled with vitriol, it may be such a time to gather together with diverse friends and neighbors and to simply ask the question, “Where does it hurt?” 

There is power in this question. 

There is Grace in the question. 

And there is, I believe, Grace in the response that is spoken and and the response that is heard. 





The Advent workshop is Sunday, Nov. 20th, after coffee hour.  All kids

and their families are invited to make ornaments, decorate our

Christmas tree, and have fun.  We will be serving lunch to both the

workshop participants and those involved in hanging of the greens.  If

you have any ideas for easy ornaments or are interested in helping,

please let me know.


NO MOVIE NIGHT in November.  We are in the midst of planning a movie

night that will include dinner for the children in early December

(probably the 9th) so that parents can have a break to shop, wrap, or

go to dinner themselves.  More on that next week.

If you have a donation of furniture for the Sunday school, please

check with me or one of the board members to see if we have room

and/or need for your donation.  Thanks in advance.

Blessings, Vickie   440-285-3236   440-488-6745  kaiser5204@gmail.com


Worship This Sunday: 

This Sunday, we have the joy of being together in such a time. We also have the blessing of baptizing Nora Elizabeth Stoltz, the daughter of Sarah and DJ Stoltz. It is a beautiful time to proclaim the Grace of God and proclaim with all conviction that this Grace is for all. 


Teatime for Peace:  Nov 17th @ 7PM

This coming Thursday, November 17th,  the First Congregational Church of Hudson will be hosting “Teatime for Peace” at 7:00pm. This is an event to create relationship and dialogue between people of faith. There will be members of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions all there to welcome one another, get to know one another, and get to know more about the traditions that have come from Abraham. If you would like to attend, please contact Chris and carpooling will be arranged. 


Membership Committee

This is a new committee chaired by Barb Inderlied.  We will work on developing a trifold about our church so that all members  and visitors know about the various activities  sand opportunities to serve taking place in Pilgrim Christian Church.  We welcome new and old members and friends of PC to participate in the development of this  document!  We will meet in the sanctuary after Coffee Hour  and choose a time to have a work session in the near future.  All are welcome!!  Call Barb Inderlied if you leave questions 286-6735.


Scriptura: Power and the Parables: 

We wrapped up our book study (Re-Imagine the World) last night. Each parable from Jesus points to something - God, community, life, etc - and together, we receive this gorgeous collage of images that allow us to see more about God, community, life, etc. Bernard Brandon Scott offers three "coordinates" that run through this divine collage: 

    1    God is Unclean: Through the parable of Leaven, we see that God is a deity who identifies with and dwells with the “unclean of society.” The poor, broken, diseased, widowed, and on and on - this God and Empire are for them. It is the same in the dinner party when the master welcomes in everyone on the street after the elites snub his invitation. What is it to make the jump from seeing God as the end result of healing to seeing God as within the illness, uncleanliness, and impoverishment? 

    2    God is Present in the Absence: When brokenness transpires and we are seeking that divine intervention, it unfolds in ways that we are not keen to understand. It is, perhaps, as the poet Mary Oliver offers… God, or the gods, are invisible, quite understandable. But holiness is visible, entirely. 

    3    It’s about Cooperation: Think of the Samaritan. This of the older brother in the Prodigals. When it ceases to be about competing for a bigger piece of the pie or a piece at all, when you understand that God will provide, you can dwell in an abundance mentality that allows you to extend compassion to the other.   

These are quite amazing and transforming to hold for our theology and ecclesiology… and it comes through the parables - told to us to allow us to re-imagine the world, and begin to live into it. 

Stewardship Campaign

The Pony Express materials are out and making their rounds. When the booklet makes its way into your hands, please take the time to review the story and budget narrative that reveal the ministries of Pilgrim Christian Church. Then, please consider pledging to share your gifts and talents in support of the life of this congregation. Thank you!