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October 6, 2016

Connections: Expanding the Table

"There you are upon the table. There you are in the cup." The words of Saint Augustine. We are blessed. We are invited to be broken open. We are invited to be poured out. We are invited to share our selves - our lives and being - with the world. This is what we "do in remembrance." This is how we commune. This is what it means to be a disciple of Christ and part of the body of Christ.

In allowing this sacrament to shape us, we are we engaging in a mission to help welcome refugees who are resettling in the Columbus area. Partnering with Community Refugee and Immigrant Services of Columbus (and Church World Service), we can see that three refugee families are welcomed into their new apartment and community. We have three rubbermaid containers (one container for each family) in the Fellowship Hall that we would like to fill with items that would grace their apartments and help it feel like home. It's like a wedding registry, wanting to help the family in the next chapter of their life. 

There are three rooms to provide for (Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom/Misc. You can pick up a copy of the whole list at the church or find the whole list herehttp://www.crisohio.org/support-self-sufficiency-2/) and I'll focus on one room each week through October (6, 13, and 20). This week, the room to provide for is the Kitchen: 

    •    Dish & Bowl Set for 6

    •    6 sets of silverware

    •    6 drinking glasses

    •    set of mixing bowls

    •    sauce and frying pan

    •    baking dish

    •    cutting board

    •    can opener

    •    kitchen knives

    •    cooking utensils

    •    6 dish towels

    •    paper towels

    •    bottle of dish soap

    •    pack of sponges

    •    2 waste baskets 

    •    trash bags

These items can be purchased new and donated. CRIS will also accept gently used items. Can you check your kitchen for any of these items that you have, but don't use? Can you check the church kitchen for any of these items that we have but don't use? Would you like to pick up an item for one family? Do you have a recipe that you could write down and share? 

From Christ's table, we recognize: We are blessed. We are invited to be broken open, to be poured out. We are invited to share ourselves and our being. It is my hope that our mission projects provide you and the whole church with an opportunity to do just that.






This Sunday, we're beginning a new unit about Abraham and Sarah.

We'll explore Abram's trust in God as he and his family leave their

home to move where God tells them to go.

Parents - We are beginning a new year and want to teach the children

that they can make a difference in our church family and our world.

We are going to take offering during our opening during Sunday School.

Don't be surprised if your child ask to help around the house in order

to earn change for Sunday School.  We'll use the donated cash for the

Heifer Project, our Christmas families, and other service projects

during the year.


Chi Rho is meeting this Sunday following worship.  They'll visit

Holden Arboretum where Steve Wick will lead a hike.  They'll enjoy a

picnic lunch, talk about what it means to understand God as Creator,

and return to PCC at 1:45pm.

Movie night is October 16 at 6pm.  Join us for some Halloween videos

and craft.  Wear your pajamas and bring a blanket.

Blessings, Vickie   440-285-3236   440-488-6745  kaiser5204@gmail.com


Scriptura: The Parables and Power

What if Jesus' parable of the Leaven is less a parable of growth (a small bit can leaven the whole thing) and more a parable of identification? Bernard Brandon Scott suggests that leaven in the context of Jesus' time and place was regarded as a corrupter - an unholy or impure thing. Leaven was kept out of the holy festivals (think of the Exodus). For Jesus to begin the parable by saying that the Empire of God is like leaven... is like saying that the Empire of God is like corruption - or the corrupt. It is a jaw-dropping statement, until we consider that the audience would have been composed of peasants and day-laborers - people who were regarded by the powerful and elites of society in the Empire of Rome as "the corrupt." The impure. The poor. The powerless. Scott says that they were "the leaven" of the world. It is a powerful word of identification: into a world where the powerful and wealthy have convinced everyone that they are the divine favorites and the powerless and poor are divinely despised, Jesus speaks... This Empire of God is like the leaven... It is like the poor. It is like the powerless. It is like the impure, unclean, unfit, disorderly, on and on and on. For this audience, they hear, perhaps for the first time, that this God is like... them. 

That is good news. 

If you are interested in this, I hope you'll come and join us for our study: Wednesday evenings from 6-7:30pm in the parlor. Our next parable to take another look at is the parable of the Mustard Seed.




Men's Fellowship will be hosting their Annual Clambake on October 9th.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Butch Penrod or Terry Calabrese.

$20 - Clambake

Add - ons

$8 - Steak

$5 - Extra Clams


Walter Brueggemann

This Saturday, Hebrew Bible Scholar and Theologian, Walter Brueggemann, is speaking at Avon Lake UCC. Registration is available at: http://avonlakeucc.org/brueggemann/

If you are not available to attend his lecture this Saturday, please PLEASE consider traveling to Avon Lake UCC for worship on Sunday morning, when Brueggemann will be preaching. It is not every day that a scholar of this calibre comes to Northeast Ohio!



There will be a free potluck Harvest Dinner following worship on Sunday, October 30th.  If you would like to attend, you can sign up on Sunday, October 16th.  


Trick or Treat - Monday, October 31

The pumpkins are out, the goblins and ghouls are out, and for some reason there are creepy clowns out too (what is that all about?!?). Halloween is approaching! Pilgrim Christian Church has this amazing and fun outreach program of giving away candy on the night of Trick or Treat (Monday, October 31 from 5:30-7:30pm). It's a perfect way to be present in the community and to be a good neighbor. There are several ways that you can participate in this event if you would like: 

1. Donate Candy: 

We have passed out over 500 bags of candy in one night, so we can use all the candy we can get! Please bring the candy in and drop it off in the office (there will be a box for candy donations) by October 23. 

2. Help Bag the Candy: 

Following worship on the 23rd of October, there will be an opportunity to bag the candy downstairs in the fellowship hall. We can get an assembly line going and complete the 500 bags quickly! 

3. Help with Trick or Treat Night: 

Monday, October 31, there is an opportunity to help set up (tables, cider, candy, and any decorations) during the day. Then, beginning at 5pm, you are invited to dress up and come to be a joyful presence to hand out candy with about 500 costumed kids!!! If you are interested in participating in the set up and/or passing out of candy, please contact Chris: chris@chardonpcc.org



The Food Cupboard is in need of paper bags.  If you are able to help you can drop them off in the office.