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October 27, 2016

Connections: Expanding the Table

As we may glean from Sunday’s scripture with Elijah - the one who has the word of God that the community of God needs to hear, is the one chased out and unwelcome. Hospitality is ultimately how we keep ourselves open to the reality and in-breaking of God into our lives and world. As we welcome the other, we welcome the image and word of God they carry. What a wise practice to embrace from the very beginning of our tradition. 

In our collection to welcome the other, we are shy a couple of items. One of the great things is that a neighboring congregation (First Presbyterian Church in Willoughby) heard about this project and wanted to join in to do the same. I will be sharing our remaining list with them as well. What a gift and blessing to see how generosity can invite others to join in. 

Kitchen: (This is what we need to complete 3 Kits)

    •    10 Drinking Glasses

    •    1 Set of Mixing Bowls

    •    2 Sauce and Frying Pans

    •    1 Baking Dish

    •    2 Cutting Boards

    •    2 Can Openers

    •    1 Kitchen Knife Set

    •    3 Packs of Sponges

    •    4 Waste Baskets

    •    Trash Bags

Bathroom: (This is what we need to complete 3 Kits)

    •    8 Tooth Brushes

    •    3 Deodorants

    •    2 Bottles of Shampoo

    •    6 Razors

    •    6 Wash Cloths

    •    4 Laundry Baskets

    •    3 Toilet Brushes

    •    2 Shower Liner and Rings

Bedroom/Misc: (This is where we have the most need now. Here is what we need to complete 3 Kits)

    •    15 Sheet Sets (1 Queen & 4 Twin)

    •    18 Blankets

    •    18 Pillow Cases

    •    18 Pillows

    •    3 Sets of Hangers

    •    3 Alarm Clocks

    •    3 Brooms & Dustpans

    •    3 Vacuums

    •    3 Scissors

    •    3 First Aid Kits

    •    3 Plastic Drawer Units

    •    3 Packs of Light Bulbs

    •    6 Lamps

    •    3 Floor Rugs

    •    3 Rice Cookers

What from this list is just laying around your house? What from this list is sitting in the attic, basement, or storage unit? What from this list can be added to your shopping list? 

Let us continue on in our project to welcome refugees resettling in Columbus. We’ll receive gifts and donations through this Sunday, and then wrap up the collection, wrap up the kits, and arrange for the delivery. Thank you!!!





Movie night poll - I'd like to move movie night to the fourth Friday

due to my schedule.  This means that in November, it would be the day

after Thanksgiving (11/25).  Please email or call me to let me know

your preference.  (Contact info at bottom of article.)


This Sunday, we'll have a special Halloween Sunday school lesson.

November 6th and 13th, our lessons will be on Isaac, Jacob, and Esau.

November 20th will be a special Thanksgiving lesson.


If you have a donation of furniture for the Sunday school, please

check with me or one of the board members to see if we have room

and/or need for your donation.  Thanks in advance.


Blessings, Vickie   440-285-3236   440-488-6745  kaiser5204@gmail.com


Stewardship Campaign

The Stewardship Campaign for our 2017 year of ministry has begun! The Pony Express materials have been created and assembled by the stewardship team and are now in the hands of the team captains. Our goal is to give each member and friend of the church a narrative of our ministry and a budget to see our ministries unfold. It is our hope that each member and friend can participate in this pledging process and pass the materials on to the next member/friend on their team within a span of 2-3 days. Returning all Pony Express materials in to the church office by Sunday, November 13, we will then be able to dedicate our gifts and pledges during worship on Sunday, November 20. 

If you have any questions when you receive the materials, please contact your team captain. If you have any questions about the process or budget, please contact a member of the Stewardship Team: Paul and Elly Kenny, Patti Schmid, Jake Bauer, and Chris McCreight. 

Thank you! 



There will be a free potluck Harvest Dinner following worship on Sunday, October 30th.  All are welcome!



Pilgrim Christian Church has this amazing and fun outreach program of giving away candy on the night of Trick or Treat (Monday, October 31 from 5:30-7:30pm). It's a perfect way to be present in the community and to be a good neighbor. There are several ways that you can participate in this event if you would like: 

1. Donate Candy: 

We have passed out over 500 bags of candy in one night, so we can use all the candy we can get! Please bring the candy in and drop it off in the office on or before this Sunday, October 30. 

2. Help Bag the Candy: 

Following worship and the Harvest Dinner this Sunday (October 30), there will be an opportunity to bag the candy downstairs in the fellowship hall. We can get an assembly line going and complete what bags we have in a timely manner! 

3. Help with Trick or Treat Night: 

Monday, October 31, there is an opportunity to help set up (tables, cider, candy, and any decorations) during the day. Then, beginning at 5pm, you are invited to dress up and come to be a joyful presence to hand out candy with about 500 costumed kids!!! If you are interested in participating in the set up and/or passing out of candy, please contact Chris: chris@chardonpcc.org

All Saints Day

Sunday, November 6, we will honor All Saints Day in worship. This is a day to honor mourning and to remember our beloved friends and family. During the worship service, there is a time when the names of friends and family who have died in the last year are spoken aloud - followed by a chime of the bells. If you would like to have a name read, please submit it to Chris: Chris@ChardonPCC.org


Note from our Elders

If you know of someone who is ill, hospitalized or needing a call or a visit, please call the church office at 285-8791.


Christmas Service?

We want your opinion.  Christmas is on Sunday this year.  We are considering having two Christmas Eve services- a family service at 7:30 PM and another service at 11 PM that would take us into Christmas Day. If that were to be the case, there WOULD NOT BE A 10 AM service on Sunday, December 25. What is your opinion? Please share your thoughts on this with one of the Elders by November 1st. Our elders include: Stephanie Burke, Steve Moore, Judy Hederstrom, Barb Inderlied, Gene and Maria Burkhammer, Joan Lawrence, Matt Rolf, or Mary Wick. 


Geauga County Jail Ministry

For anyone interested in a new volunteer opportunity, Sara Bauer will be starting a Bible study (and possible musical) ministry at the Geauga County Jail. In order to participate, you first have to attend the volunteer orientation at the jail at 10 AM, Saturday, October 29. We'll meet in the parking lot at the jail. If you're interested, please email Sara at sara@saradobie.com. For orientation, you'll need to bring your driver's license and a big smile.