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Pilgrim Christian Church is a Loving congregation that gathers just off the Square in Chardon, Ohio. Whoever you are, wherever you are on Life's journey, you are welcome here!

January 22, 2016


This Sunday, we welcome our Association General Minister, Rev. Dr. Rita Root, to preach, worship, and share in fellowship. If you did not already know, the denomination of the United Church of Christ that we belong to is layered in relationships and partnerships from the local congregation to associations, then on to conferences, and then the general synod. Together, we work in ministry and support one another. I have been blessed by the support and graciousness of the UCC ever since I arrived at Pilgrim. The general offices reached out to me to offer pastoral care following the shooting at the high school, they have aided the congregation in healing work too. We are a church bound together in Christ and blessed by relationships, and so it is incredibly good that we welcome Rev. Dr. Rita Root and build the relationship between us that we may continue to be the Church together. 



Our Lenten season is approaching with Ash Wednesday on February 10. From then on through Lent, we will be hosting a worship service each Wednesday evening in the sanctuary, from 7:00pm - 7:45pm. You are invited to help shape and create the format of this service. We will gather this coming Wednesday from 5:30-7:00pm in the parlor to dream and assemble. 

Bible Study: 

Wednesday night, we gathered to lay out ideas and questions to shape and guide a bible study that will begin after Easter. The shape of this study is exciting already. While the creation of this study will take time, we will be moving through some of these questions and scriptures in our weekly gathering of Bible and Brownbags - every Wednesday from 1:00-2:30pm in the parlor. So if you can’t wait until after Easter to begin this study, come join us Wednesday afternoons. 



From the story of the Wedding in Cana, we see that motherly masterpiece of the “holy nudge,” which does just a little more than “invites” Jesus to share the gifts that are within him to bring joy to this community. The direction of the sermon this past Sunday led to a question that invited consideration of individual and communal work - does our work lead to the joy of others? Yet, what Mary reveals to us as well, is that it is important to have friends and community who see you, know you, and Love you well - who understand the blessing of gifts God has bestowed upon you, and who understand we and others are best when our gifts are shared. So another question that comes from this scripture is, who are your family, friends, and community who see you, know you, and love you so? Who offers that “holy nudge” to lead you to share your God-given gifts? 

It is my prayer and hope that the people of Pilgrim are among those who see, know, love, and lead you to share. May we continue to nurture the relationships within our church, continue to see one another, know one another, love one another, and lead one another to share our gifts with the world.