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Pilgrim Christian Church is a Loving congregation that gathers just off the Square in Chardon, Ohio. Whoever you are, wherever you are on Life's journey, you are welcome here!

January 28, 2016


A week from today, I will be on a train heading to DC and then down to Savannah, Georgia. I've been invited to keynote at the Georgia Regional Youth Conference held at Saint Simons Island. The young adults who have been planning this whole thing have set up a fantastic theme to address the idea of finding and responding to "calling." And they have linked this wonderful concept to the amazing work of Dr. Seuss, Oh the Places You'll Go! 

As I have moved through this book once more, I am astonished at how well the book and concept align. One of the first proclamations is, "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." 

Well said. I think this points to a sacred truth and one that we must be reminded of (the work of community and church): the gifts you need to respond to God's call - you already have them. The gifts you need to bring healing, to feed the hungry, to forgive and reconcile, to help set others free... you already have them. We as the church already have them. It's something to discover, like the kid with a couple of fish and couple of loaves of bread - we've already got the gifts.

Let us be the community that sees the gifts within one another and encourages one another to use them to serve and Love others. Let us be the church who uses the gifts that we have, to respond to God's calling for us. 

See you this Sunday. 


Rev. Chris



Interested in an afternoon of sledding?  Several of the children in Sunday school this past week were excited about this.  We could also go roller skating.   You can talk to me at church or email (kaiser5204@gmail.com) or call me.  Let me know which you prefer and what Sundays work best for you.

Movie night will return in February, weather permitting.  Watch this space for the date!

Blessings, Vickie



Join us this Sunday in worship as we recognize and install our new leaders in service of Christ and the Church. 



In the midst of our website renovation, we simplified the email accounts. Pilgrim Christian Church now has two email accounts to reach us by: 

1. PCC@ChardonPCC.org is our main email account which will receive all business and personal inquiries. It is also the main account for Cheryl Hederstrom, our office manager. 

2. Chris@ChardonPCC.org is Rev. Chris McCreight's church email address. 

Thank you for making the electronic move with us!



Rev. Paul Barbins will be preaching Sunday, February 7th while Rev. Chris is out of town. 

LENTEN WORSHIP SERVICE:  Voices in the Winderness

This lenten season, we will host a worship service every Wednesday at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary. The service will be drawn from Jesus' experience in the wilderness - the presence of the Spirit that ushered him out and remained with him; the encounter with God, the world, and self; and the myriad of voices that come within the silence. The service will primarily be a time of prayer and contemplation. Selections of liturgy, scripture, and poetry will be shared and offered as words for reflection. It is something to discern: God's voice in the midst of the voices of the world, the ego, and the darkness. Perhaps that is the work of prayer. I hope that you'll come and join us in this season. 



Ash Wednesday: February 10. Potluck dinner at 6:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. Worship at 7:00pm. 

Voices in the Wilderness: Every Wednesday between February 17-March 23 at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary.

Maundy Thursday: March 24 at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary

Good Friday: March 25 Ecumenical Service from 12-3pm in the Sanctuary. Evening service at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary.

Easter Sunday: March 27th. 




Heather Penrod and Rev. Chris are inviting the middle schoolers to lunch after worship on Sunday, February 14th

January 22, 2016


This Sunday, we welcome our Association General Minister, Rev. Dr. Rita Root, to preach, worship, and share in fellowship. If you did not already know, the denomination of the United Church of Christ that we belong to is layered in relationships and partnerships from the local congregation to associations, then on to conferences, and then the general synod. Together, we work in ministry and support one another. I have been blessed by the support and graciousness of the UCC ever since I arrived at Pilgrim. The general offices reached out to me to offer pastoral care following the shooting at the high school, they have aided the congregation in healing work too. We are a church bound together in Christ and blessed by relationships, and so it is incredibly good that we welcome Rev. Dr. Rita Root and build the relationship between us that we may continue to be the Church together. 



Our Lenten season is approaching with Ash Wednesday on February 10. From then on through Lent, we will be hosting a worship service each Wednesday evening in the sanctuary, from 7:00pm - 7:45pm. You are invited to help shape and create the format of this service. We will gather this coming Wednesday from 5:30-7:00pm in the parlor to dream and assemble. 

Bible Study: 

Wednesday night, we gathered to lay out ideas and questions to shape and guide a bible study that will begin after Easter. The shape of this study is exciting already. While the creation of this study will take time, we will be moving through some of these questions and scriptures in our weekly gathering of Bible and Brownbags - every Wednesday from 1:00-2:30pm in the parlor. So if you can’t wait until after Easter to begin this study, come join us Wednesday afternoons. 



From the story of the Wedding in Cana, we see that motherly masterpiece of the “holy nudge,” which does just a little more than “invites” Jesus to share the gifts that are within him to bring joy to this community. The direction of the sermon this past Sunday led to a question that invited consideration of individual and communal work - does our work lead to the joy of others? Yet, what Mary reveals to us as well, is that it is important to have friends and community who see you, know you, and Love you well - who understand the blessing of gifts God has bestowed upon you, and who understand we and others are best when our gifts are shared. So another question that comes from this scripture is, who are your family, friends, and community who see you, know you, and love you so? Who offers that “holy nudge” to lead you to share your God-given gifts? 

It is my prayer and hope that the people of Pilgrim are among those who see, know, love, and lead you to share. May we continue to nurture the relationships within our church, continue to see one another, know one another, love one another, and lead one another to share our gifts with the world. 



December 31, 2015


The sacred "yes" to the divine calling. Mary's faithfulness is one that we can lift up and learn from. 

It is a beautiful truth that God continues to speak to us - in the form of angels, other 'messengers', or perhaps Creation (have you heard God speaking through the sunset?) - and invite us to go, do, and become. What is God calling to you? What will your response be? 

What is God calling unto the church? What will our response be? 

Let us pray for ears to hear, 

and the courage and faithfulness to respond. 




"This year let Christmas stay.  As December melts into January and a new year begins,' keep Christmas'.  Let the Christ of Christmas make every day a little happier, a little brighter, a little bigger.  Make' life' the special occasion, not just December 25th.  Keep Christmas this year - all year."       - anonymous

Happy New Year to all!

Blessings, Vickie


The Annual Meeting will occur on Sunday, January 17th following Worship Service.  All Annual Reports are due in the office no later than Sunday, January 10th.


In the new year, we would like to consider making a couple of scheduling adjustments, one of which is the delivery of the E-letter. We are considering delivering the weekly E-letter on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays. This would allow for more accurate information and a wider window of time to insert necessary announcements for the upcoming weekend. Would this schedule work for you? 


This Sunday after worship, you are invited to stay after fellowship to help remove and put away the festive greenery that has adorned our sanctuary for Advent and Christmas, and prepare the sanctuary for Epiphany. If you are good at boxing, carrying, or especially climbing ladders, please stick around to help. 


Bible and Bagels and the Book Study (Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People) will resume January 6th. See you then!